Tax planning

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“Think before you act”

Proper management on the subject of taxation is an essential part of running a business and increasing net profit.

Among other things we pay taxes on sales, profits, certain purchases and more.

A profitable business is a business which is planned – both from the aspect of the business itself and the aspect of taxation – since the liability or absence of taxation greatly affects the viability of the business.

Proper business planning begins with an economic perception of the essence of the business itself, the economic goals of the client, comprehension about the future plans the client designates for his business, and creating the most suitable structure for the business; while reliably reporting and properly using the tax law, which can result in considerable savings.

There are many components to classifying businesses which affect, inter alia, the rate of taxation, the ability to offset losses or accumulate losses from one year to the next in order to use them in the future to reduce the payment of taxes.

Clarkson Hyde Israel’s Tax Department has extensive experience in assisting the self-employed, companies and non-profit organizations, early tax planning for income tax, VAT, real estate taxation, international taxation, structural changes and so forth.

The combination of business and taxation comprehension and knowledge means considerable success for our clients!

We will be happy to serve you and provide you with the most creative tax solutions.