Representation in tax assessment hearings

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“Successful negotiation does not come from holding the good cards, but from knowing how to play them”

Every now and then – routinely or due to irregular reporting – the tax authorities summons the dealer, company or non-profit association to discuss the reports that were submitted, in order to examine them and form an opinion in respect thereof.

Within the context of the procedure, the Supervisor requests explanations of various sections of the company’s reports; requests references and calculations, and asks questions in order to verify that the company’s reports are in compliance with the law and/or the position of the Tax Authority.
In many instances there may be gaps between the position of the business and that of the Tax Authority, which must be bridged during the assessment proceedings, with each party attempting to persuade the other that his method is correct, in order to impact the sum of taxation to be determined by means of this procedure.
In the event that the parties have not reached an agreement regarding the assessment of the tax liability for the years in question, another opportunity will be given as part of Stage 2, to enter into negotiations with another assessor in the hope of reaching an agreement – after which an assessment will be issued in an order equivalent to the decision made by the Magistrate’s Court, which can then be appealed in the District Court.

The assessment procedure is a challenging procedure for all clients, large and small, as this will have considerable impact on the client’s tax payment and is, in effect, a semi-legal procedure.
In order to achieve the best result, the representative should be experienced in tax law as well as in negotiating with the tax authorities, and be fully committed to realizing all the possibilities for the benefit of the client.
Clarkson Hyde Israel’s Tax Department is a firm with 25 years’ of experience, during which they have successfully represented hundreds of clients in tax assessments.
We also work in collaboration with a number of law firms in the field of taxation, in cooperation with whom we are able to provide a comprehensive response to all the needs of the client – in managing the tax assessment hearings and – if necessary – also filing appeals to the court.

We will be happy to serve you and to represent you in tax assessments, in order to achieve optimal tax savings.