National Insurance

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One of the primary entities in managing a business is National Insurance, both for the self-employed and for companies and associations.

Individuals and employers are required by law to set aside part of their income for National Insurance – so that, if necessary, a safety net is put in place which provides certain benefits such as: unemployment benefits, maternity leave, work injury allowance and more.
Also, in in the event of injury at work or disability, the individual can apply for a grant or allowance that will compensate him for the injury sustained.

There are a number of National Insurance benefits, including:

Work-related injuries (injury allowance, disability from work)
General disability
A disabled child
Special services for the disabled
Motherhood (high-risk pregnancy, maternity allowance)
Income security
Old age
Exemption from income tax
Medical committees
The allowances are a legal right and can amount to as much as several thousands of shekels a month for those who are entitled.

It is very important to be represented properly when dealing with the National Insurance Institute in order to optimally benefit from the rights you are entitled to by law.

Clarkson Hyde Israel has extensive experience with representation before the medical committees of the National Insurance Institute, and has recommendations from many clients who have received the maximal rights owing to them from the National Insurance Institute.