Supporting businesses to establish/prepare a business plan

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A business plan is an economic plan that should be implemented in preparation for establishing a business, entering a new industry, expanding activity in the business or in preparation for raising credit from banks or funds.
During the preparation of the business plan it is necessary to assess the sum of the investments needed, the working capital required and the expected cash flows; the business plan constitutes a kind of budgetary framework for the planned investment.

An expert consultant from the Economic Department will meet with the client in our office prior to starting preparation of the business plan.
During the introductory meeting we will learn about the business and all the relevant details relating to it, especially what is required to prepare the plan, such as: the type of business and industry in which it operates; the nature of services provided or products manufactured; the composition of operating expenses and administrative/general expenses and overheads; the credit structure of the business, including reference to customer and supplier credit, cash flows, key employees in the organization, strengths and weaknesses of the business and so forth.

In addition to receiving important information from the client, we will seek further information from various sources with regard to the industry, including the activities, strengths and weaknesses of the industry itself.

The Economic Department at Barsky, Berger & Co. CPA has extensive experience in the execution of business plans. The firm’s CPAs will be happy to hold a consultation during which the requirements of the business will be examined and, accordingly, we will provide our recommendation regarding the most appropriate business plan.