Mortgage consultation

Accounting firm - branches in Tel Aviv and Hadera.

The Economic Department of Barsky, Berger & Co. CPA provides mortgage consultation services.

The team of experts in the Economic Department examines the options for refinancing an existing mortgage at a better rate of interest, in order to help the client evade the costly interest rates that he is paying, and tailoring a more attractive and convenient mortgage for him.
The company also specializes in providing mortgage advice to clients interested in taking out new mortgages, and also conducts tenders and market surveys to find them the most reasonably priced mortgage.

The advice and assistance provided by the Economic Department includes analyzing the client’s financial profile, adapting the mortgage according to his requirements and repayment capabilities, conducting market surveys and tenders amongst banks and insurance companies, as well as representing the client vis-à-vis the selected financial entity.

The Economic Department of Barsky, Berger & Co. CPA has extensive connections with all of the mortgage banks and insurance companies, as well as in-depth familiarity with the mortgage and financing market in Israel.

The Economic Department at Barsky, Berger & Co. CPA saves its clients the indecision, the miscomprehension and the errors that can cost them dearly, tailoring the most suitable and affordable mortgage for their clients.

A mortgage is normally the largest loan that you will ever take; when making such an important decision, you should take the time to understand how to apply for a mortgage, and to what extent the mortgage you choose will affect you.

The Economic Department of Barsky, Berger & Co. CPA functions as an external body, completely independent from the profitability of the bank.

We will be happy to guide you to the bank and route which will be right for you, thus saving you tens of thousands of shekels, or even more.