Business consultation and support

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The Business Coaching Program was established and is operated by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, and serves as an assistive tool in the activities of the Ministry to encourage and promote the small businesses sector in Israel.

Within the context of the business coaching program, consultation, guidance and training services are provided to business owners or start-up entrepreneurs who aspire to start a business in any field; the objective is to leverage their business idea, develop and streamline it, advance and promote the business with the goal of increasing profitability.

The purpose of the support is to provide management tools, accompany the business managers in their implementation so that they may improve the way the business is managed, and assist with controlled expansion – thus enhancing the level of profitability over time.

To achieve the goal – the program provides businesses with professional advice given by highly experienced experts who have been selected for this purpose from within the private sector.

For further details and to find out whether you are eligible for business support within the context of the business coaching program subsidized by the State, contact us now.