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Individual / company / association reports

Annual report (exempt dealer, authorized dealer, company, association): Every business or dealer in Israel is legally obligated to submit annual reports to the authorities.Whereas an exempt dealer is only required to submit an annual tax return, an authorized dealer, a company and an association are required to file financial statements and tax returns to the …

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Accuracy, reliability, service. Clarkson Hyde is an international network which employs over 80,000 CPAs around the world, and specializes in the provision of services to small and medium-sized businesses.The Israeli branch of Clarkson Hyde has accrued 25 years’ experience in bookkeeping, with about 15 experienced, professional and knowledgeable CPAs who provide optimal service for independent …

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“יש מי ששומר עליך” The auditing process is mandatory for every authorized dealer, limited company and association in Israel. During the auditing process the CPA inspects the accounts, expresses his expert opinion with regard to the correctness of the report, and adjusts it by means of additional orders – so that the business reports accurately …

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