Payroll accounting

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“The most important resource of the business is the human component”

Payroll accounting is an especially important topic in the life of the business, and involves the correct application of labor laws and granting appropriate rights to employees; as well as protecting against claims made versus the employer.

For the most part, small- and medium-sized businesses ()do not achieve a scope of activity which justifies employing a part-time or full-time payroll accountant; and thus this service is provided by firms of Chartered Public Accountants.

Clarkson Hyde Israel employs a number of payroll accountants and is proud to head the Organization of Payroll Workers in Israel – a voluntary professional body which supplies information and assists payroll accountants in Israel.

As well as payroll accounting services, Clarkson Hyde leads the field of payroll control in Israel – a procedure whereby companies employing contractor workers in Israel are obliged to obtain certification from a qualified payroll clerk confirming that the employees of the contractor are given the social conditions that are due to them in accordance with law.

Many businesses are unaware of the legal obligation to conduct periodic wage control and are therefore exposed to fines from the Ministry of Economy.