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“יש מי ששומר עליך”

The auditing process is mandatory for every authorized dealer, limited company and association in Israel.

During the auditing process the CPA inspects the accounts, expresses his expert opinion with regard to the correctness of the report, and adjusts it by means of additional orders – so that the business reports accurately reflect the financial status.
The audit work is of considerable importance and the results are the audited financial statements and tax returns, which correctly reflect the financial status of the business, profit and loss, as well as the cash flow and tax liability.

In many instances, deficiencies, fraud as well as other faults are discovered during the audit. Alternatively – it is possible to contribute significantly to improving performance of the business by paying attention during the audit. We also collaborate with external economic advisors for this purpose.

Clarkson Hyde Israel employs about 50 CPAs countrywide, and has over 25 years’ experience in the preparation and auditing of annual reports for the self-employed, companies and associations.

Each client has a CPA assigned to support him on an individual basis, to provide him with audit services and assist him in enhancing performance!